137 - The Secret Is You W/ Chris Cicchinelli


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As CEO and President of Pure Romance, Chris Cicchinelli has grown a small, family business in Cincinnati into the world’s largest in-home party company of its kind. A front-page story in the St. Louis Dispatch called Pure Romance “The New Tupperware of the 2000s.” Today, the company has annual revenues of more than $350 million. He spends over 200 days a year on the road giving motivational seminars and personally training and meeting Pure Romance’s independent consultants, which now number more than 40,000 in every U.S. state and abroad. In 2018, after their eight-year-old coming out as transgender, Cicchinelli founded the Living with Change Foundation to help trans youth and their families.
To find out more about the book, "The Secret Is You", visit: secretisyou.com

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