Nikon Z9 delayed? Z 40mm f/2 discussion, The Photography Show, RIP D750 - The Nikon Report #36


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Konstantin & Becky bring to you the latest Nikon news and photography related announcements.

Rebecca Danese:

Konstantin Kochkin:

Production: Konstantin Kochkin

Nikon Report #36

40mm f/2 discussion

Ricci published a 1st look on the lens on his YT channel.

40mm f/2 Nikon Z Preview | First Look | How's It Sit on Z7 / Z50 | Matt Irwin

Nikon Nikkor Z 40mm f/2 lens comparisons

Z9 delayed?

Zfc Grip will be available for pre-order NOW the UK.

D750 has been officially Discontinued in the UK.

Nikon published an update on their software support for macOS Monterey and Windows 11:

Nikon and Unistellar announced a new digital astronomical telescope camera eVscope 2

Nikon School introduces NEW Live Remote Shooting course

Nikon Small World announces the winners of the 47th annual photo competition

The top 20 images can be found here.

Wall Street Journal published a 2nd article on Nikon called “Lighting the Way to a Sustainable Future”

Voigtlander COLOR-SKOPAR 28mm f/2.8 SL II S Aspherical lens for Nikon F-mount has been announced.

Techart released a new TZE-02 Sony E lens to Nikon Z mount adapter, Megadap also recently announced a new ETZ11 Sony E to Nikon Z autofocus adapter

Techart TZE-02 adapter features:

Reviews: Viltrox AF 35mm f/1.8 Z (Nikon) In-Depth Review by Richard Wong

Weekend Read & Watch: All Photographers and Videographers Should Charge This

The Photography Show Vlog


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