Episode 550 | "Everybody Has a Job"


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Gatekeepers in Hip Hop have always existed, and Conway the Machine accuses Funkmaster Flex of being one of them. First, the crew discusses the beef between the emcee and legendary DJ (14:35) and Cardi B's latest beef with The Shade Room (36:45). Next, Mario received backlash for working with Tory Lanez, and the guys debate if Ne-Yo was "clout chasing" (1:35:00) and Lloyd Banks joins the pod (1:58:40).

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Sleeper Picks

Joe | 6lack - “UMI Says”

Ice | Gucci Mane - “All Dz Chainz” (Ft. Lil Baby)

Parks | Westside Gunn - “Horses on Sunset” (Ft. Stove God Cooks)

Ish | Jazmine Sullivan - “Girl Like Me” (H.E.R.)

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