Why The Israel Hamas Conflict Matters


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If you simply look on the surface, the Israel and Palestinian conflict will give you the same message. It’s one of Israeli violence, how horrible Israel is, and how the Palestinians are suffering. This will come from the mainstream media and the radical left. But you must know the whole story and how we got to this point before making assumptions.

This conflict is not just 50 years old, as some may try to say. This conflict is thousands of years old, dating back to Biblical times. It started with two men named Ishmael and Isaac. Abraham was promised a son with his wife, Sarah. As Sarah got older, she lost her faith that God would provide a son and told Abraham to have a child with Hagar her handmaid. Hagar gave birth to Ishmael, which the Bible says would be a wild man and against every man. God did hold true to his promise in giving Abraham a son with Sarah. His name was Isaac, and the descendants of Israel come from him.

Ishmael’s descendants are responsible for the Arab nations. In fact, Mohammad, the founder of Islam, traced his heritage back to Kedar, one of the tribes of Ishmael. According to Muslim tradition, Ishmael and Hagar are buried in Mecca. So the Palestinians are Arabs, Muslims, and have Hamas terrorists in their nation. They hate Israel and have for years.

It’s not about a peace deal in this situation, as many would claim. This is about a hatred of Israel and the desire to eliminate them from existence. Time and again, Israel has offered to establish a peace deal. They have offered a two-state deal, many other peace deals. Each time, Palestine is not satisfied because Israel still exists. Israel did not start launching rockets at Palestinians for no reason. They were attacked with rockets first.

Israel is not the brutal nation that the radicals want to claim. They are simply defending what is rightfully theirs. We must be in prayer for the nation of Israel and for peace in the area. It’s important to know the whole story, rather than just believing what the mainstream media and radicals want you to know.

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