Alex Steffen On The Climate Conversation's Necessary Snap Forward | Evlondo Cooper On Environmental Justice In Broadcast TV Coverage


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Two great guests discuss a few of the most important aspects of the climate crisis conversation. First, Alex Steffen, author, speaker, and futurist, talks about his new newsletter, podcast, and book project called The Snap Forward. He discusses what he's most passionate about exploring in his writing after 30 years of covering the space, how we should reimagine our future and present as we face the climate crisis, our current discontinuity with the planet, and how to push past predatory delay efforts.

Then, Evlondo Cooper, senior writer with the climate and energy program at Media Matters, discusses his new report, How broadcast TV news covered environmental justice over the past four years. He explains why broadcast TV often ignores or inadequately examines the most critical issues in environmental justice, how the most prominent stories were covered, and what news organizations should be doing to improve.

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