Android 11 makes its way to Chromebooks


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we start the show by digging into Android 11 and its limited arrival on Chromebooks with 10th-gen Intel processors in the Beta Channel. With this update, Android now finds itself inside a new container - moving from ARC++ to ARCVM - and your Play Store apps now scale to match the Chromebook's display. While the move to an updated container for Android apps is realistically the bigger deal here, users will likely find more immediate value in the fact that their apps now look more native on-screen.

From there we move on to 'Borealis' and the coming Game Mode that will be on Chomebooks likely later this year. As another container on your Chromebooks - this time made specifically for Steam - we're very interested in how all this will play out later in the year on Chromebooks that have far better GPUs on board with Intel's Tiger Lake processors. We wrap up by discussing Samsung's Galaxy Chromebook 2, our review process, and what we feel is the consensus opinion about Samsung's 'sequel' to the original Galaxy Chromebook.



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