1. Know Your Rights 2. Shut the F*** Up


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Until I did this interview, I was afraid of being pulled over by the police. I used to joke that I would fail a sobriety test even if I was sober because cops scare me that much. Admittedly, when I was young, I would wear the smell of a fresh smoked bowl with pride. Eyes half closed, mouth dry and funny as hell, my hairdresser told me she'd catch a buzz while washing my hair, I was so saturated in cannabis. Although times have changed and I no longer value smelling and looking like a stoner(did I mention cannabis DUI's became a thing this year?), I was still afraid of being pulled over by the cops lest I be tired or my eyes were dry thereby making me look high when I'm not. At least I WAS afraid, but not any longer.

I discovered the Pot Brothers at Law on social media. They post clips featuring one or both of them getting high followed by an impassioned statement to learn the script and SHUT THE F*** UP when the police pull you over. If you have ever seen Law and Order, you should know the drill. The less you say, the less police have to go on, the better chance your lawyer has to get you out. The more you say, the bigger hole you dig, the harder it is for your lawyer to get you out. Lesson: Memorize the script and shut the f*** up!

The Pot Brothers created a 25-word script that EVERYONE should memorize should you find yourself being pulled over. The police are trained in various tactics to get you to incriminate yourself. These tactics have been developed over the years and are generally incredibly successful... Unless you know your rights and use the script.

Guest Bio: Craig & Marc Wasserman, have a combined 50 years of experience practicing law. Handling Criminal Defense (DUI's, Felonies and Misdemeanors), Family Law (Child Custody/Visitation, Divorce), Restraining Orders, Business Litigation, Workers Compensation, Collections, and Debt Protection. As Cannabis patients, they have been compelled to stand up and fight for its decriminalization as well as fighting for the civil rights of all Cannabis Patients. Through the wonders of social media (Instagram), the POT BROTHERS AT LAW have arrived on the scene with their 15 SECOND & ONE MINUTE TIPS OF THE DAY which have helped numerous people either avoid arrest or be in the best position possible to defend charges, by teaching and preaching THE SCRIPT. The Script, the only 25 words you ever say to the Police, is a simple way to utilize ones constitutional right to remain silent and not incriminate oneself. They teach people how to calmly and politely deal with law enforcement and to simply STFU when the cops ask questions.

Pot Brothers at Law Website - You can find their script on their website!


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