The lazy like social media challenge


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This week I want to set you a little challenge. I call it the lazy like challenge and you apply it to your social media use for a week.
When you're using social media, you are banned from just hitting the like button, you also have to leave a comment.
Why is this a good idea? A like is just a one way street, you're effectively just agreeing with something. But a comment is so much more personal and interesting. It can strike up conversations with new and existing contacts and keep you on their radar. It also creates engagement for both the person who made the post and you too. Social media platforms like that, no pun intended!
So this week stop just liking posts, and start commenting on them. Do give this a try and let me know how you get on.
If you've got any other comments or questions, just head to the Ten Minute Marketing Facebook group here and comment there or just reply to me here.
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