494 - Christina and Owen Dargatz (The Giving Experiment)


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Owen and Christina Dargatz and their brood are pushing the boundaries of what people see as possible with a large family. (Their kids range from under 1 to 11 years old.) They traded their comfortable house in Canada for a two room shack in Guatemala with a leaky roof, but to them, this seems an upgrade (most of the time).

Instead of seeing how much they could take from the world, Christina and Owen decided to see how much they and their kids could give. Hence, "The Giving Experiment."

One of the current projects is "Children for a better San Juan," an environmental/educational club that focuses on teaching children to take the initiative of cleaning up their neighborhood along the shores of Lake Atitlan. They're setting up public trash cans in the areas cleaned, and feeding the children involved a full, nutritional weekly lunch at the end of the program.

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