TalkSPORT Pays Tribute To Gianluca Vialli & FA Cup 3rd Round Action...


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Hosted by Andy Goldstein. We started the podcast with talkSPORT paying tribute to Gianluca Vialli who sadly passed away at the age of 58. We heard from former teammates and close friends such as Scott Minto, Martin Keown and Ross Wilkins (son of Ray Wilkins) who all paid an emotional tribute. We previewed the FA Cup 3rd round, a trophy that Vialli won as both a manager and a player, where talkSPORT will be bringing you 8 live and free games across this weekend! Going back to yesterday's game where Man United hosted Everton in the FA Cup and at full time, we hear from both managers Erik ten Hag and Frank Lampard. Later today, Liverpool take on Wolves and Brentford face West Ham...we hear from Reds manager Jurgen Klopp and Bees manager Thomas Frank who both want the FA Cup replays to be scrapped!

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