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Russian hottest electronic dance music trio Swanky Tunes delivers you a weekly radio show. Thrilling 60 minutes of their biggest tracks and hottest bootlegs are waiting for you. From Russia with love!

Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND 383

01. Robin Schulz & Dennis Lloyd - Young Right Now (Extended Mix)

02. Kryder - Piece Of Art (Extended Mix)

03. Laura van Dam - Neon Soul (Extended Mix)

04. Shapov & NERAK - Dark In The Light (Extended Mix)

05. Bruno Be, Sandeville, Alexandra Prince - So Many Times (Extended Mix)

06. twocolors - NOT YOURS (Original Mix)

07. Skytech vs Delerium - Wild Love vs Silence (Extended Mashup)

08. Ryan Shepherd feat. Georgi Kay - Never Give Up On You (Extended Mix)

09. Audien feat. Cate Downey - Wish It Was You (Nils Hoffmann Extended Remix)

10. SMACK x VINNE x JOHN BALAYA - Be Free (Extended Mix)

11. Sam Feldt feat. Georgia Ku - Call On Me (Justus Remix)

12. Ummet Ozcan - Reborn (Extended Mix)

13. Dave Winnel feat. BodaciousThang - CEO (Extended Mix)

14. Borgore - Sexy Boi

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