R.A.T.S_Rock against the stupids


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The rose is red and the violets are blue, Cus ´I tell you a poem, honest and true My voice, my choice dont scare. I Don´t care Seven thousand days, then the wrongful way, of my youth days. I have got hundred broken noses, on my conscience The rose is red, and the violets are blue, Cus it´s pay back time it´s just live up to My voice, my choice I don´t scare, I don´t give a fuck and care Just turn around, and hear the sound Listen to the music and rock against the stupid fuxxers! ROCK AGAINST THE STUPID FUCKERS AGAINST RACIAL PREJUDICE Undisputed, and respected, and saluted. SHARP - SHARP The rose is red, violet's they are blue, Identity poor and join a hate crew Hate others by colours It´s a confusion supremacy It´s hate fill emptiness Being a part of boneheads.

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