Eps 377 - Shane McMahon Let Go By WWE & How This Changes WrestleMania 38!


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Shane McMahon is gone from WWE! After a crazy situation at the Royal Rumble where it seemed like he wanted to win the whole thing, he fell out with Vince McMahon and got let go. It actually has some knock-on effects to WrestleMania 38 which seems nuts, but all it means is there's loads to talk about! We also get into CM Punk vs MJF, the rise of Wardlow, who's coming back for the Elimination Chamber and loads more! Support on Patreon: www.patreon.com/simonmiller316 Subscribe on YouTube: www.youtube.com/themillerreportrules Follow on Twitter/IG: @SimonMiller316 Sponsored by www.pinsandknuckles.com. MERCH: https://www.simonmiller.bigcartel.com

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