Creative Ways to Diversify Your Income Streams


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Have you ever felt like you’re putting in hours of hard work, trying to support your family and plan for the future (ya know, for that beautiful day when you get to be retired and just sit on the beach), without being able to really enjoy it?

Or maybe you feel like you’re toiling away your time and work just for a future day that might not come.

In this episode, Jordan shares about the value and wisdom of diversifying your income, and how earning passive income can help you focus on what’s most important in your life.

Let your work and how you use your finances be so full of purpose now that happiness doesn’t depend on a future retirement date.

Tune in to the episode to learn:

  • The difference between passive and active income
  • What the Bible says about diversifying your income
  • How diversifying your income can benefit you
  • Ways you can start earning passive income

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