Episode 11 - The World of Story Development with Tracey-Lee Rainers


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Afriquan Film a podcast series in which we shall explore our continent’s cinematic landscape through film recommendations, as well as conversations with pertinent practitioners working within this creative industry.

Our eleventh episode finds us diving into world of story development with script consultant, Tracey-Lee Rainers. Our conversation explores the process in which stories are developed for screen, the challenges that face this sector as well as how the industry's storytelling is developing. There are plenty of tips for prospective and aspiring writers. Follow us on @afriquanfilm on Instagram and Twitter for more information.


Host: Yazz The Student

Guest: Tracey-Lee Rainers

Voice Artist: Nomava Kibare

Script and Edit: Yalezo Njuguna

Original Music Produced by: DoouShii

Producers: Yalezo Njuguna and Kibare wa Njuguna

Film Recommendation

The Delivery Boy [Podcast Recommendation] - Trailer

Seriously Single [Guest Recommendation] - Trailer

Hyenas [Guest Recommendation] - Trailer

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