The Ingredients of GraalVM


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An conversation with Oleg Selajev (@shelajev) about:
the red glowing mic, GraalVM is the runtime for your applications, GraalVM is high-performance, embeddable and polyglot, GraalVM comes with top tier Just In Time Compiler (JIT), GraalVM ships as community edition and enterprise edition, Twitter gains 10% throughput and performance improvement with GraalVM Community Edition, GraalVM is a drop-in replacement, GraalVM is based on openJDK builds, the Jikes Java compiler was fast, but not always compatible, Jikes was able to compile Java 5, the dcevm project, javac is written in Java, javac can be compiled to native code, Oracle Aurora JVM - early Java in the database, Oracle AuroraVM - Java in the database, GraalVM comes with better performance by maintaining the compatibility, the different tiers of compilers, GraalVM Enterprise Edition is currently part of the Oracle's Java subscription, GraalVM Enterprise Edition compiler is smarter and better, GraalVM supports Ruby, Python, JavaScript, R and WebAssembly, Truffle provides an API for interpreter API for a non-JVM language, with Truffle you can describe the semantics of your language, Truffle specializes the interpreter to execute your program, GraalVM already ships with several languages built-in, GraalVM supports Ruby with its native extensions, GraalVM is able to optimize multiple languages running in a single process, GraalVM ships with Nashorn compatibility mode, GraalVM supports modern Python, WebAssembly can run on GraalVM, GraalVM supports "BigNumber" types for JavaScript, debug support is implemented via Chrome DevTools, with GraalVM Espresso Java runs on Java, GraalVM team at Oracle Labs is the bleeding edge resource of language research, Java is well suited for language research, Java BeanShell was a Java sourcecode interpreter, Java runs on Java which runs on Java, Truffle ships with sandbox-like isolation, Espresso is Java on Truffle, performance is relative, Java on Truffle allows easier code reloading, wasm runs on browsers and backends, running wasm in a database, the GraalVM team blog at medium,

Oleg Selajev on twitter: @shelajev, Oleg's youtube channel, the GraalVM team on medium

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