Rodge Glass - 2nd International Alasdair Gray Conference


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For the latest SWH! podcast, Ali caught up with writer, academic, and Alasdair Gray biographer (and old pal of Scots Whay Hae!) Rodge Glass to hear all about the 2nd International Alasdair Gray Conference, which will be on 16th – 17th June 2022. Rodge gives details of the conference, including how to register and get involved, and just what will be going on and where. He also talks about the organisations who are collaborating for this event, explains the Conference titles 'Making Imagined Objects' and 'Across Space & Form', the interdisciplinary and interactive aspects, and the importance of discussing Alasdair Gray's art and writing together. It's a conversation which will appeal to all fans of the great man. For further details as to what's going on, and where, head to

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