Radio Sweden Weekly: US election reaction, Covid-19 spread and a changed Vasaloppet ski race


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Sweden's eyes are on the United States this week, after the country's presidential election remained too close to call. Hear reactions from Swedish lawmakers on what the next four years could bring for US-Swedish relations.
And first Uppsala; now Kronoberg and Sörmland. A total of ten regions have instituted stricter local recommendations to combat the spread of the coronavirus. Health officials say the recent increase in coronavirus cases has come faster than what they thought would happen. Also, the Vasaloppet, one of Sweden's most iconic cross-country ski races will change form next year, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Listen in to hear how. Plus, what does a year-long carton of yogurt taste like? And more importantly, why would you wanna know? Find out in this week's program. Frank Radosevich

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