Radio Sweden Weekly: A spike in explosions, passenger jet victims honoured in Cathedral service, cyber soldiers to fight digital attacks


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Explosions rocked Stockholm and Uppsala at the start of the week. New figures from the National Council for Crime Prevention show that there has been a spike in detonations in Sweden in the past year.
The victims on the passenger jet shot down by an Iranian missile were honoured at a memorial service at Stockholm's Cathedral on Wednesday. The day after, five foreign ministers, including Sweden's Ann Linde, met in London to demand transparency from Iran in the investigation into the strike. As the first party leader debate got underway in parliament, analysts predicted the January Agreement, which allowed the government to take power a year ago, may soon be scuppered. Sweden will soon start recruiting and training cyber soldiers in a bid to defend the country against digital attacks. A criminal case that shocked the nation and led to the downfall of a Pentecostal congregation in Knutby, is in the headlines again. Nathalie Rothschild / producer and presenter

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