FiDE #7 - Principles


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In this episode we go from theoretical to practical framework. In the Intentional Decisions model, the three dimensions empathy over sympathy, proactivity before reactivity and engagement over attendance form an ethical framework for our decisions. We talk about how these three dimensions can be seen as euretic principles to navigate the complex system called life. Can principles be an alternative to setting goals? We have been taught to reduce the complex systems (organisation, society, life) to make them simple. We have then been trained to set goals and measure progress in terms of reaching those goals. What does goal setting do to us as humans and as persons? By introducing the alternative of using euretic and guiding principles, the complexity, and thereby the power of the system, can be kept. In the program we give many examples of how principles can look like and how they can be used. We also talk about how guiding principles can be seen in various contexts and form organizing principles on how to act in day-to-day life as well as on a long term perspective. We touch upon the Sustainable Development goals, are they really sustainable? What if we transform the purpose behind them to form easily understood principles for people to relate to?

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