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Best for the World together with Future Navigators and - a dialogue about intentional decisions with Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Michael Sillion and Rehan Allawhalla We need to feel, see and experience to be able to understand the bigger picture. Yet we have been taught to reduce systems to smaller parts to better understand them. In other words, we have been taught to simplify these systems, but the consequence is that they lose their power. An alternative is to use heuristic and simple principles to navigate the systems instead of reducing them. How can we create the future we want? What principles are valid (or even needed) in the new paradigm? In this program of the podcast ’Best for the world’ we meet Future Navigators Bert-Ola Bergstrand and Michael Sillion, aka Captain Future, and World Citizen and Philanthropist Rehan Allawhalla ( We converse about how we, as humans, can connect and amplify ideas, projects and systems for a greater good. How the inner journeys and the outer journeys go hand in hand. We also talk about how new competences and skills are needed as the new paradigm emerges, as well as, how we, as people of the planet earth, can find both why and ways to co-create a new story for humanity based on guiding principles. The Future Navigators connect the dots among thought-leaders, schools of thought, ideas, movements, and initiatives and inspires people to use all these resources and connections to contribute to building a better world. The goal of the Future Navigators is to unit all the people, projects and organisations doing the most cutting-edge work for the next era of the Human Endeavor. Rehan Allawhalla is a world Citizen and thought leader. Rehan has started a foundation that help’s people find their dreams, and help’s them fulfill them via Entrepreneurship. He also started a school to teach a billion people basic literacy via Mobile Phone. All of this leads to his ultimate mission in life of ending poverty, worldwide. With Intentional Decisions we can participate in making the shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world. To create a sustainable society and a world based on collaboration, co-creation and life affirming intent. Please check out the Intentional Decisions model at Download a copy of the booklet ‘An Intentional Story of Intent’ describing the model at We invite you to take part! You find Radio Intentional Decisions (Radio Medvetna val) and all tracks at: Soundcloud: Acast: Podcaster: Spotify:

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