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Participating in this episode are Patrik, Martin and our guest Nigel Howitt. If you enjoy and want to support our work you can send a donation to SEB 5708 35 378 01
1)Introduction, the first 3 minutes of the BBC documentary Pandemic which was released in 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmGiDUczhqQ
2)We interview Nigel Howitt who is a passionate truth seeker. His web site www.lawfulrebel.com is all about distinguishing what is important and what is real, and dealing with those issues. On his website he has his blog, podcast and some of his self-produced music. Nigel means that the root of well-being and functioning successfully as a human being is being rational and being proactive with the practice of thinking. In this interview we first focus on his most passionate subject, medicine and human health. Later we also cover the role of global media in big events like 9/11, the true configuration of our solar system and how deep the deception really goes.
3)Nigel Howitts self produced song Awaken

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