The Power Of Association


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After seeing that, I went into the Ganga. It was so nice to get out of the heat and I was so enthusiastic, I may never come to Prayag in my life again. I want to stay in this river and get purified as long as I can and I swam all the way across to the other side. There was nobody there. When I got to the other side, I crawled out onto the bank, it began to sink. I was being swallowed by mother earth. It was quicksand. I was sinking lower and lower and somehow or other I grabbed a bush and I was pulling and pulling and then the bush got uprooted, but somehow or other I got out of that quicksand and I came back into mother Ganga. Her current was so strong, she was pushing me back to the quicksand. I was swimming against her current, I was swimming, I went about a foot and then I was pushed back a foot and I went to foot and was pushed back a foot, I went a couple feet and pushed back. It was a long distance. I was swimming and swimming and swimming until I was totally exhausted, my arms could hardly move anymore and I was not making any progress of whatsoever. And I had to decide am I going to die being drowned by the Ganga or am I going to die in the quicksand and I decided Ganga is better.

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