Glories of Sri Murari Gupta (Part 1)


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Lord Chaitanya expressed in many ways to many of his devotees his indebtedness for their service. I would like to speak very briefly about one such devotee of the Lord. Vashughosh in one beautiful song, he sings about how Lord Chaitanya, the son of Sachidevi and Jagannath Mishra is Lord Jagannath himself. He had appeared as Ram to subdue Ravana, he appeared as Krishna to reveal the most wondrous pastimes of love in Goloka and now he has come in a beautiful golden complexion to give that same love to the world through this namsankritan or the chanting of holy names and Krishna’s most intimate loving associates of all of his different avatars appeared as various personalities in Mahaprabhu’s leela. One was Hanuman. It was Hanuman’s wish to be the servant of the servant of the Lord whenever and wherever the Lord appeared within this world. He came as Murari gupta. As Hanuman saved Laxman from a great catastrophe by carrying Gandhamadana mountain from the himalayas with healing ayurvedic herbs, he is considered to be the supreme ayurvedic physician. Hanuman was everything, he was a great yogi, he was a great ayurvedic physician, he was a poet, a scholar, a musician, an athlete, an architect, engineer, he was everything. Because in whatever way he could be engaged in Ram’s service, he put his entire heart and soul, in total surrender without ego. So, therefore he was fully empowered in whatever he did.

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