Ep 108: Dan Aykroyd (Bonus Episode)


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Surprise! While we’re in the off season, here’s a very special – and very different – bonus episode. Ed and James speak to an actual Ghostbuster and Blues Brother – Dan Aykroyd. Dan kindly agreed to be on the podcast to promote his vodka brand, Crystal Head – and he sure is passionate about it.

We’ll be back properly for series 6 in a few weeks, but for now, bon appétit!

Crystal Head Vodka was founded by Dan Aykroyd in 2008. For Pride month 2021, the brand launched their new Pride Edition Magnum in partnership with Kaleidoscope Trust in the UK to support LGBTQ+ rights worldwide. Available at £140 from Selfridges.com.

Recorded and edited by Ben Williams for Plosive.

Artwork by Paul Gilbey (photography and design) and Amy Browne (illustrations).

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