Pandora: Giver of Gifts


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In episode 4, season 4 of Mythical Musings, The Podcast we honor fire goddess and the giver of gifts, Pandora. The mystery behind her story and her “infamous” box she holds, is one that doesn’t get as much attention as other stories from Greek mythology. We explore why her story is essential when it comes to helping the higher gods and goddesses understand human nature and hope.

Episode Highlights:

* The story of Zeus, Prometheus, and Pandora and how she became an Earth goddess like Gaia and Rhea, her connection to Kronos

* The consequences of opening “Pandora’s Box” and why it is so controversial in stories of Greek mythology

* Hesiod’s description of the Greek goddess and why this changed the way we see Pandora in mythology today

* Her impact on women and men

Pandora is a goddess we can all learn from as her box and her heart hold many gifts, secrets, and answers. This episode takes you on a journey from the mighty Heavens to the Earth and teaches you that invoking the power of hope can help us overcome the impossible!

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