14. High Fidelity (w/ Beth Hyland)


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Playwright Beth Hyland joins the pod to talk Problematic Faves, Top 5 Lists, and how a Nick Hornby novel became the basis for cinematic and theatrical male ego in the best - and worst - ways. Topics include Glengarry Glen Ross, Jack Black, and the gentrification of Wicker Park. Beth Hyland is a playwright, screenwriter, and songwriter based in Chicago. Her plays and musicals been produced and developed in the UK at the Octagon Theatre, in New York at The Hearth, and around Chicago at Steppenwolf LookOut, The Sound, Jackalope Theatre, First Floor Theater, The Story Theatre, The Passage Theatre, Sideshow Theatre, and others. She is the co-founder and playwright-in-residence of The Sound, and you can find her online at bethhyland.com

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