11. The Producers (w/ Rivkah Reyes)


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The wonderful and hilarious Rivkah Reyes (Where Are We Now? Podcast, School of Rock) joins Ben and Bran to laugh our heads off discussing the comic satirical antics of Mel Brooks. From an Oscar-winning film to a record-breaking Tony Award-winning Broadway bonanza, what changed from stage to screen in the story of Bialystock and Bloom? Topics include Nazis, tubed meats, Osama Bin Laden, and The Academy Awards. Rivkah Reyes (they/she, but mostly they) is a queer Filipinx-Jewish actor, musician, comedian, producer and writer from Chicago. Since their movie debut in the 2003 film School of Rock, Riv has been a prominent force in the comedy and theater scenes of Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. They have worked with The Second City in Chicago on several sketch revues and performed improv, sketch, and stand-up at iO, The Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory, Club Cumming and Las Culturistas' I Don't Think So Honey! Live. Riv resides in Los Angeles and spends their days drinking tea, listening to lo-fi beats, and being a spooky witch. Follow Riv: rivkahreyes.com Where Are We Now?: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/where-are-we-now-with-rivkah-reyes/id1559667545 Bad Animal: https://www.badanimal-film.com/

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