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On this episode of Monetize the Mic, Jess has the opportunity to speak with Interview Connections client Tracy Litt about believing your worth.

If Brene Brown and Tony Robbins had a baby, it would be Tracy Litt. Tracy Litt is a proven powerhouse of transformation. As a leadership expert, mindset coach, and spiritual advisor, she helps people across the globe to break the patterns that bind them so they can become the highest versions of themselves to create the businesses, relationships, and lives of their dreams. She does this through her powerful and practical process, The Choice Method, which elevates prosperity, fulfillment, and happiness to new and incredible heights.

Tracy is the celebrated author of Worthy Human, a book featured as a best-seller on Amazon and in major media outlets such as Thrive Global, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Fast Company. She has been praised for her outstanding TEDx talk and was recently awarded the Social Good Entrepreneur Women in Business Award in 2020. Her impact is undeniable, and her power is highly sought after for keynote presentations to leaders and entrepreneurs.

Tracy is leading a major movement in self-worth, empowerment, and wild success for visionary leaders. One by one, they are stepping into the reality of their highest selves. They are becoming extraordinary leaders in their vision.

Jess asks Tracy about her concept of being a worthy human, and how we are our own problems and our own solutions.

Ultimately, Tracy explains, you are the only block you will ever have. The reason that we struggle taking ownership and responsibility is that we aren’t willing to say “I am the problem and I am also the solution.” We are suffering from the lie of unworthiness.

That lie is that you are only worth what you do. The fundamental truth is, your birthright is your enoughness! If you woke up today, you’re worthy. Tracy believes that when you decide that you’re worthy, what you desire is available to you because you can take the responsibility necessary to get out of your own way.

Jess agrees and says that you have to believe in your heart and your gut that you are enough. Jess asks, what are some tips for people to really embrace the power of themselves?

Tracy explains that it is your responsibility to know your worth. You are not broken, you don’t need to be fixed -- but you have wounds. it is your responsibility to heal those wounds so you can grow into your greatest potential. For Tracy’s clients, that is the first step in their worth work.

To illustrate this in another way, Tracy says, “If I only love myself an inch worth, but my partner loves me four feet worth, it doesn’t matter how much love they give me, I can actually only absorb, believe, and let in that inch’s worth.”

The next step on your worth work journey is to go back in time. Ask yourself, “When was the first time in your left that you felt worthless, unsafe, unseen, unheard?” Identify that, and go back into those moments. Tell yourself that truth. Then, construct a new belief system that begins with: I am enough. I am worthy. I always have been, I always will be. My worth is my birthright. It is not negotiable, it can never be influenced.

For you to have a different result, you must change. For you to actualize every ounce of a vision that you desire, it lies in your ability to heal and transform and to become the version of yourself who lives in that vision! Tracy reminds us, you are not your mind, you are the director of your mind.

Tracy and Jess then talk about forgiveness.

Tracy explains that there is no forgiveness without rage. There is no forgiveness without letting out the suppressed emotion. But ultimately, forgiveness is a gift to yourself. When you don’t heal, your power is still with that other person at that age where you were wounded. It depletes you! You’re still giving your power away to that person.

Finally, Tracy talks about the joy of knowing nothing. Let yourself absorb that, and then you can start doing the work. She recommends the shift to “I love not knowing what is going to happen next!” Then you’re open to seeing everything. That will clear away biases and assumptions that you’re constantly functioning in.

If you want to connect with Tracy, head to for her free audio training!

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