Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 1/10/23


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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, U.S intelligence memos and briefing materials related to Ukraine, Iran, and UK were found in Biden’s office, and the democrat media mouthpieces have already received their talking points from the White House to cover it up. This is a battle between liberty and tyranny, and the democrats and their media mouthpieces have made it clear in their treatment of Biden that they support tyranny. AG Merrick Garland hasn’t had a press event about this yet, and has covered it up since before the midterm elections and beyond. Biden has had these documents since between 2013 and 2016, documents he took while he was vice president, and this information has not been reviewed by a special council or independent authority. Even now the treatment of Biden is completely opposite of how Donald Trump was; the unconstitutional treatment of Trump is being exposed by how lightly Biden is being handled now. We finally have a Republican Majority in the House to have people like James Comer and Jim Jordan finally investigate Biden. Also, Mark is joined by James Trusty and Fred Fleitz to discuss the Biden documents and how terribly Trump was treated in comparison. Then, the Fairfax, VA school district changed their system from merit-based to one that discriminates based on race without the parents or students knowing, and most importantly without the state attorney knowing either. Hundreds of Chicago public school teachers assaulted, groomed, or raped students last year, and received over 600 misconduct allegations. This is what they’re doing to your kids with your tax dollars.

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