Episode 434: Jessica Lessin


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Jessica Lessin is founder and editor-in-chief of The Information.“It's very, very hard to predict the winners. A lot of investors try to do this. And I think sometimes where the press gets in trouble is trying to make a call.… It's not always our job to say this thing is doomed or not. I think many journalists, unfortunately, are more interested in that than in understanding, What is this company trying to do?” Thanks to Mailchimp for sponsoring this week's episode. Show notes: @Jessicalessin theinformation.com Lessin's archive at The Information 11:00 "Android’s Andy Rubin Left Google After Inquiry Found Inappropriate Relationship" (Reed Albergotti • The Information • Nov 2017) 11:00 "Silicon Valley Women Tell of VC’s Unwanted Advances" (Reed Albergotti • The Information • Jun 2017) 23:00 Paul Steiger at ProPublica 23:00 Kevin Delaney at Quartz 26:00 "Facebook Hit by FTC Antitrust Suit That Seeks to Break Off Instagram, WhatsApp" (Christopher Stern • The Information • Dec 2020) 31:00 "People are leaving S.F., but not for Austin or Miami. USPS data shows where they went" (J.K. Dineen • San Francisco Chronicle • Feb 2021)

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