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Most amazing stories and love stories which are from people around you. Could it be your story? Come fall in love with these Hindi audio stories with Kahanibaaz Anupma.i.. Get that lemonade and pop that popcorn, Hocus - pocus you are going to be spelled by my stories. Meet that pokey Mrs. Know all, be spellbound by the girl who listens to nobody, be awestruck by the blind man creating history, jump in fear as that door creaks, gasp at the boy who ran away from home , the love story that makes you wish you were 20 again… the list just goes on and on. I gather stories from around us, stories that make you laugh, cry, fear, love and hate. Come on board with me Anupma …Story-weaver, kahanibaaz, writer, poet, radio anchor, motivational speaker and Happiness Coach. Also check my program of letters on https://hubhopper.com/podcast/hamare-tumhare-khat-ehsaasebayaan-the-original-program-of-letters/9243. . Send me your feedback on makehappyfoundations@gmail.com to get our DIY happiness to myself bag .

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