NLS 001: Healing Your Body with the Power of Your Mind with Gary Buckmann


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Welcome to the first conversation of the Next Level Soul Podcast. I want this episode to be special and I couldn't be more excited to bring you today's remarkable guest. On the show we have speaker, executive coach, and author Gary Buckmann. His comeback story is one for the ages. While in college, Gary Buckmann went from being a top-level gymnast to lying in a hospital bed paralyzed from a broken neck. By using the techniques he now teaches to clients, he went on to achieve a full recovery. Within 3 short years of his catastrophic injury he was able to compete again. In record time, Gary was asked to be on the National USA coaching staff for women’s gymnastics. He worked with 5 Olympic Gold Medal winners and traveled the world with the USA team. His new book Broken to Brilliant: Overcome Obstacles to Create Opportunities & Achieve the Impossible chronicles his miraculous story. "For anyone looking for a wise and powerful story full of inspiration, this book is a must!" As a speaker, executive coach, and author, Gary is passionate about sharing his techniques and experiences with athletes, business executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. His unique ability to inspire and motivate helped thousands of people to adopt new ways of thinking and in the process achieve national championship success. I hope Gary's story is an example to you that anything is possible. Enjoy!

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