In Conversation: Curious 2017


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In one of our last episodes of the summer term, we catch up with a host of students to talk about Curious, an annual showcase of new work created by students, graduates and guest artists from the Guildhall School in collaboration with visual artists and communication designers from Central Saint Martins, UAL. Curious is curated by Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning. We spoke to students about how they've been interpreting the themes of the four-day showcase, what they've enjoyed most about collaborating with guests artists and artists from a range of different backgrounds and art-forms, and what they're most looking forward to about taking over the Barbican Exhibition Halls. Curious runs from 3-6 July in the Barbican Exhibition Halls. Tickets are available from the Barbican Box Office ( Huge thanks to Leadership students Julia Koelmans and Katie MacDonald, BA Performance & Creative Enterprise students Katie Bunting and Natasha Mbwana, MA Collaborative Theatre Production & Design students Dylan Marie Parent, Lauren Wiggins and Petrina Tan, and Central Saint Martins students Linda Schultheis and Lucy Maria. Follow us on Twitter (, Facebook ( and Instagram ( and head to our website ( to stay up to date with all the events and news from the Guildhall School. Intro and outro music is Little Lily Swing by Tri-Tachyon, licenced under Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 (

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