How Ryan Magin Has Created Over 1000 Viral Videos On TikTok, Instagram and YouTube Shorts


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Are you waiting in hope for the day your show content spreads like wildfire and you go viral? Does it feel like you’re trying your best and hoping in vain?

Ryan Magin is the King of Short Form Videos, having created 1000s of TikTok videos that have gone viral (defined as over 1 million views within a 24-hour window).

If you’re looking for the keys to your viral rocket launcher podcast content, chances are Ryan can help you find them.

In this sonic installment, Luis cross-pollinates traditional thinking on long-form podcasting with a shake-up from a man with a video production empire that is hellbent on outsmarting the algorithm for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels (short-form content). Everybody wants more listeners, everybody wants more eyeballs.

So how does Ryan Magin do it, day in and day out?

And what lessons can us humble podcasters learn if we want to break the sound barrier and send our show soaring into the stratosphere with six-figure downloads?

“I trust the algorithm. I’m also scared to death of the algorithm.” – Ryan Magin

In This Episode:

[4:26] The art of polarization (how divisive content can fan the fire)

[9:30] How to repurpose your content effectively

[28:39] ‘Followers don’t happen unless the views happen’

[33:48] ‘Re-film the hook’ + other solid ‘go viral’ strategies

[41:56] Knowing when to compromise on making a video masterpiece

[47:02] How to make your video ‘screenshotable’

[51:09] Buying a camera that looks like your content has been shot on a phone

[53:36] Flip your camera vertical and flip your world

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