Fighting for freedom of expression in Tanzania and Zambia


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How can activist, lawyers and journalists join forces to defend – and expand – freedom of expression on the Internet in the Tanzania and Zambia? Listen to the first episode of the podcast serie Expanding the Space – The fight for freedom of expression in Tanzania and Zambia. Participants:
  • Richard Mulonga – digital rights activist, an avid blogger and creative content maker and CEO at Bloggers of Zambia Bloggers of Zambia
  • Rebecca Ryakitimbo – Founder of KsGEN, a National Geographic-funded project that will deploy community wireless networks and monitoring systems with the aim to monitor ecosystem health via citizen science.
  • Asha Abinallah – activist in the intersection of Innovation, Technology and Digital Practices, founder of the ICT company Media Convergence.
  • Achilleus Welamira – human rights Advocate of the superior Courts in Tanzania.

Host: David Isaksson, editor of Global Bar Magazine.

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