Gustavsson & Glover: Matildas, Olyroos, Sam Kerr and Harry Kane


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Podcast with a difference this week, with two guests joining Adam Peacock for a chat.

First Matildas coach Tony Gustavsson talks about the frustration of coaching a team via Zoom, when he hopes the Matildas will eventually get back together and what his designs are for the blockbuster events coming up.

Gustavsson also chats about the form of Sam Kerr, where women’s football is going and touches on his own club career at a club called Café Opera!

Then Melbourne City goalkeeper Tom Glover joins the podcast to talk Olympics, A League and his own fascinating career so far.

City are flying at the moment and Glover pinpoints the moment it turned around, and looks ahead to Monday’s ripped between City and Central Coast.

Glover also delves in to what took him from Sydney’s south to Tottenham as a 14yo, from playing with Sutherland to training with Harry Kane, being involved in Mauricio Pochettino’s first team squad and navigating the cut-throat the academy environment in Europe.


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