396: How Erik Huberman Built the Fastest-Growing Marketing Agency in America


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After working years as an entrepreneur and consultant, Erik Huberman realized that the entire marketing ecosystem was broken. So he started his agency called Hawke Media with a few of his most trusted marketing colleagues. They focused on providing no barriers for new clients with a month-to-month commitment.

8 years later, Hawke Media manages over 600 brands, has 270 full-time employees, and is one of the fastest-growing agencies in America.

Listen to Nathan and Erik discuss:

  • How he helped Ellie.com generate half a million in sales in one month
  • Hawke Media’s no-barrier strategy and how they win over clients monthly
  • Why marketers need to do great work and be great salespeople
  • Launching The Hawke Method book featuring their proven strategies
  • Why audio is the next great engagement tool
  • Why SMS is 10x more effective than an email campaign
  • Starting Hawke Z with TikTok stars Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson
  • Why AI won’t replace creative people any time soon
  • And much more marketing advice…

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