71. Building the best digital identity solution with Kristofer von Beetzen from FrejaEID


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In Sweden and most other Nordic countries, we have something called BankID. It is a digital ID solution that almost everyone has and you use it to login and give consent to almost everything you do online. Everything from logging in to governmental websites, to your bank, to your favorite fintech, and many other places too. It is very nice and convenient, but it lacks challenges and today we are delighted to be joined by Kristofer von Beetzen who works as Chief Product Officer at one of the challengers, called FrejaeID. They are building a digital identity solution that is giving more power to individuals to take control of their own data. Bring your data with you from app to app, bank to bank, or any other place. FrejaeID has grown fast over the last few years and continues to do so and this conversation that we had we Kristofer was a true learning and inspirational experience that we hope that you will enjoy!

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