57. What's next in Open Banking with Rune Mai from Nordic API Gateway


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In this episode, which was recorded in August 2020, Johan and Gustaf had the pleasure to be joined by the Founder and CEO of Nordic API Gateway. NAG is active within the world of open banking and they recently launched its new platform, Aiia. A platform that removes all obstacles from powering your solution with open banking so you can make your open banking idea a reality within days without having to acquire a PISP or AISP license. Rune Mai exclusively shares insights with Fintechpodden into why this product is a perfect fit for open banking innovation across industries and how it will change the landscape of open banking as we know it. In the episode, we talked about the current situation for open banking in Europe and in the world. Rune shared his insights from being at the forefront of the development in Open Banking - What's working good and not so good with the PSD2 Regulation in Europe and most interestingly what is around the corner in the future of Open Banking. We hope that you will enjoy the episode as much as we did.

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