32. What is the future of Identity? With John Erik Setsaas


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John Erik Setsaas has a long history within the area of Digital Identity, in fact he started working with this already back in 1995 and have had positions at SAP as senior architect and today he is the Vice President of Identity and Innovation at Signicat. Signicat is a pioneering, pan-European digital identity company with a unrivalled track record in the world’s most advanced digital identity markets. Its digital identity platform incorporates the most extensive suite of identity verification and authentication systems in the world, all accessible through a single integration point. They handle over a million transactions per day and during this episode we get to hear John Erik tell us about the history of Digital Identity, where we are now and what might come around the corner in the future as well as what challenges exists with areas such as Self Sovereign Identities. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

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