Integrative Complexity - Multi-dimensional thinking


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Have you thought about why some people tend to think they have all the answers and not need to discuss matters to reach conclusions, whereas others are very reasonable and take all sides into consideration before deciding what they think? It’s a matter of Integrative Complexity, a concept we explain and discuss at length in this episode. 00:30 Introduction to the concept Integrative Complexity 3:20 Integrative means integrating pieces from different perspectives 3:50 In what fields are IC used? 5:00 How fixed are personality traits? 7:20 About social psychology 9:00 The effects of psychedelic drugs on the human brain 11:00 The current biochemical state of any person is hugely influential on their behavior 13:00 The implications of IC in human interactions 16:00 The importance of being able to synthesize perspectives into a new one 17:30 Is more IC always a good thing? 18:15 The marginal cost of increased synthesizing 19:30 Path-dependence in decision-making 26:00 The mechanics of politics act as an obstacle to IC 30:00 Politicians invest in their opinions, confirmation bias and sunk-cost effects make these opinions difficult to revise 34:00 We as voters have a responsibility to not favor politicians who are too one-dimensional 36:00 Book tip: How to Cure a Fanatic by Amos Oz 38:30 Thanks and…Merry Christmas! CONTACT --------------- Website: E-mail: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:

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