#34 Learn, Grow & Evolve - Podcast Update


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In this special podcast update we tell you about the new format of the podcast, what you can expect from us in the future and why we are doing the makeover. TIME STAMPS -------------------- 00:20 Welcome to the new Factor 2.9 podcast 1:00 We will not follow scripts anymore 3:25 We drop the two-week publishing schedule 5:20 We will, on occasion, bring our all-own discussions and topics to the podcast 8:00 We will expose each other's weaknesses on the podcast 12:30 We align the process of working with the podcast with the intention of the podcast CONTACT --------------- Website: www.factor2point9.com E-mail: factor2point9@gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com/factor2_9 Facebook: www.facebook.com/Factor2point9/ Instagram: www.instagram.com/factor2.9/

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