Episode 155: Covid-19 travel restrictions


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A special episode examining the Covid-19 travel restrictions from different angles. With the BC government yet to provide clarification on its recently imposed travel restrictions, Kyla and Paul discuss the government's messaging and whether it could have been better. Kyla and Paul then turn their attention to the federal government and the debate between protecting the safety of the public and infringing upon Charter rights. They also talk about the impact vaccinations will have on people's freedom of movement. Could restrictions in the future discriminate against people who are unvaccinated? Last but not least, there's Ridiculous Driver of the Week. Follow Kyla Lee on Twitter: twitter.com/IRPlawyer Follow Kyla Lee on Instagram: instagram.com/kylaleelawyer Follow Paul Doroshenko on Twitter: twitter.com/pauldoroshenko Follow Paul Doroshenko on Instagram: instagram.com/pauldoroshenko www.vancouvercriminallaw.com

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