19. Creating a world class kiteboarding centre on a windy beach in rural Mexico – Destination; Playa Central La Ventana


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Siblings Jessica & Adam carry on their father’s legacy of bringing kiteboarding to the world. They first set foot on the beach of La Ventana in the region of Baja California Sur in Mexico in 2007. Since 2010 they have been here full time building the best possible set up for kiteboarding. But setting up a centre here is much more than that. It takes great efforts to also build the infrastructure around the city so that the place can handle all visitors. They need roads, banks, electricity and water and all this is a joint effort with the locals. Since the start Playa Central is now seen as one of the worlds top class kite spots and on a windy day during peak season 500 kites can be seen on the waters of La Ventana. The centre also is in part to thank for the fact that kiteboarding will be in the Olympics in 2024.


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