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As I always say, you should LOVE everything you own and have around you in your home. If you do, you will bring love into your life and feel so much better. Think about if you have something in the room you are in right now if there is something you do not love. You may find many things you do not like. Well, get rid of them, because they will not give you any joy at all.

If you take look at your things you have around you right now where you are for the moment. If you’re not at home you have to do this when you´re coming home of course. You probably see many things around you. I would like you to chose 8 items that you really love in the room where you are for now.

Take each items in your hand and as yourself why you love it and what that special things do for you. Maybe it helps you to be focused or to concentrated or just make you happy. Whatever it is you like it’s so good to be aware of that. Then you’ll learn what things you don’t like and the things that you can leave for good.


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