# 29. How to build a sustainable wardrobe with Isaüra Tsama


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In this episode I have a conversation with a personal brand stylist based in Paris. Her name is Isaüra Tsama

and she has a decade of expertise in the fashion industry.

She previously worked as a fashion Buyer for well-known international companies where she sharpened her sense of how dressing with intention influences public perception.

After listening to 100’s of people complain about what to wear in the workplace, That’s Intrinsic was born in 2016, with the aim to help global women entrepreneurs and professionals to have a signature style that screams success and stop worrying about finding the clothes that match their personal brand, prestige and audience. Since then, she has been working virtually with women from all over the world.

When you have decluttered and cleaned up your wardrobe it’s so valuable to know how to style and build up your personal wardrobe. I hope you liked this episode. Links:

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