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This week we review Continuity (Series 1 Episodes 5 & 6)
A continuity announcer's booth can be a lonely place - especially on the late shift, when you've barely seen your wife and children for a week.
But this Radio 4 continuity announcer is a consummate professional, and he's not going to let his own insignificant little problems get in the way of everybody else's listening pleasure - especially when there are so many exciting programmes coming up for him to describe to listeners.
Alistair McGowan stars as the continuity announcer brooding on the escalating disasters of his private and professional life at the same time as attempting to give listeners a preview of the programmes on offer in the coming week on Radio 4.
Written by Hugh Rycroft.
Produced by Frank Stirling & David Spicer.
A BBC Production.
Continuity may one day be available here: https://bbc.in/2XkftTj
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