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This week we review - Hobby Bobbies (Series 1 Episode 1)
Hobby Bobbies is a sitcom about community policing from the team behind The Music Teacher, Dave Against The Machine and 15 Minute Musicals.
Nigel is probably Britain’s longest serving Community Police Support Officer, and Geoff is probably the laziest. They make quite a team.
Written by the acerbic voice over who commentates on the twists and turns of the long running cooking show 'Come Dine With Me' (as well as appearing in People Like Us, Armstrong and Miller and The Smoking Room) it features the talents of Richie Webb (Horrible Histories) and Slade's Noddy Holder.
Written by Dave Lamb.
Produced by Steve Doherty.
A Top Dog Production for BBC.
Hobby Bobbies is available here: https://bbc.in/3BmA8V4
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