Season 4 Episode 41: The Sunshine Act w Ryan Heine


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Starting at the beginning, Ryan was born in Columbia, Missouri, but grew up in Houston.Ryan began studying improv in 2005 with Houston’s Massive Creativity, led by MacArthur Antigua of Improv Olympic (IO) Chicago, performing at Avant Garden.

In 2006, Ryan moved to Los Angeles where he completed IO West’s Training Program, and performed with “Kick Drum Decade”, a main stage Harold team, 19-time Cagematch Champion, and 2- time winner of the 2008 and 2009 Los Angeles Improv Festival Cagematch Tournament. While in L.A., Ryan was cast in several commercials and web ads including for Cabela’s, Honda, Top Flite (with Kenny Mayne), and Baby Ruth. Notably he performed several voice overs in the animated short, “Meltdown” (with David Cross). From 2009-2011, Ryan co-directed, taught, and performed with Houston’s Rogue Improv (formerly Massive). In recent years, Ryan has coached and performed improv most notably with Baby Knuckle, Corner Office and Damaged Goods at Station Theater and other Houston venues. Additional improv festival performance credits include the Trill Festival (Houston), Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (Austin) and the @Del Close Improv Marathon (NYC).

Separate from improv, Ryan has had a unique and evolving career path. He is a former practicing attorney and is now a sales specialist in pharmaceuticals. He loves dogs, cooking, sports and a lotta other stuff.


- The Houston Housing Market

- Ryan's Improv Journey

- Work Job Lunches

- Selling What You Don't Believe


- The Uncertified Lawn Man

- The Sunshine Act

- The Date Night Presentation

- Drug Rep Notes

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